Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Monday, 12 October 2015


This week has been amazing! We had the opportunity to see one of our
investigators be baptized!!!it was such a wonderful experience and we
were able to see so many changes in his life! I love being able to see
the gospel bless people's lives! He was so prepared to be baptized,
and the Lord was the one to thank for that. The Lord has blessed us in
so many ways to help him prepare for baptism, but also to help him
know of the truthfulness of what we taught. I love this work, and I am
so grateful to be a part of it! This upcoming week, we are planning on
having three baptisms! This area is booming, and we are finding much
success due to our hard work but mostly the help of our Savior Jesus
Christ. It is such a blessing to be serving here in Orem young single
adult area! My companions, Elder Matuwa and Elder Bullock are awesome!
We have a ton of fun together, and also get a lot done. We all have an
excitement for the work, and it is great to have such awesome
companions! I am so blessed for the opportunity to be serving here in
the Utah or mission. Our president, President Killpack he's definitely
inspired. He has taught me so much, and I look up to him as a great
role model. This week, we started Monday with a very busy
preparation day. We had to buy a lot of groceries to make up for the
lack of groceries last month. We were down to two eggs, a piece of
bacon, and three English muffins. Not forgetting the top Ramen. So it
was a good PDay to be able to restock up on our food for the month.
This week, it was a little harder of a week with more cancellations
them were used to, but we were still able to find a lot of success
here in this area. The Lord is truly blessing us. We spent a lot of
time teaching, as well as finding. Not much to really talk about other
than that. We had the opportunity to take Elder Matuwa to go and get
some new suits for himself. It was a lot of fun to be able to pick out
some suits for our amazing missionary! He is an awesome missionary,
and is really starting to get the hang of English, as well as the
lessons. He has such a strong testimony, and it is truly a blessing to
be serving with him. Elder Bullock has taught me a lot of good things.
He knows the gospel very well, and he is a great leader. We are having
a ton of fun and I am really enjoying this transfer! There's so many
things that are going well and I know that it is due to the Lord and
his timing. I need to continually show humility and trust in the will
of the Lord. We also this week had the opportunity to meet with a lot
of leaders, and we were able to talk about how we can further progress
the work. I know that I am learning so many things out here that I
never would've learned back home. I know that the spirit is so strong,
and I am able to learn so much from the Holy Ghost. Is truly a
blessing to be a part of the gospel and to have the Holy Ghost with me
as a constant companion. This preparation day is pretty slow, so we
finally get an opportunity to rest. I love you all, and know that you
are in my prayers. Last week I didn't get to check up on the reading,
but I hope to be reading from chapter 8 to chapter 14 this week in 1
Ne. Let me know how it goes! I will give an update this next week as

Elder Noad
Utah Orem Mission

baptism with President Killpack, Elder Bullock, Elder Matuwa and Elder Noad

Goofy Trio

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