Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Springville Trio week 6

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The companionship of three at the Temple

Hey! We are defiantly staying busy but I'm loving it! Yet another transfer gone by! I am staying in this area with my two companions! I'm pretty excited :) they're pretty great! Yes sometimes they really annoy me and are frustrating but I love them anyways :) they're a lot of fun and we get a lot done. I'm really loving it here in Springville and things are really starting to progress. I've been studying Christlike attributes and I've been trying to apply it to me lately. Christ is the perfect example and we should truly try and be more like him. I would encourage you to go over those attributes and preach my gospel with the kids. It truly blessed our life as we strive to be like Jesus Christ. Congratulations to Nate on all the success! Sounds like a break here for a little bit! That's great Kassy is doing good! She defiantly is staying really busy! Haha thanks Dad! Love you! Keep up all that your doing! 
This week has been a fantastic week mixed with some hardships. The bad news was that our one baptism we were going to have this weekend had to be moved. I was looking forward to the baptism and I know that this kid was ready and so desirable to be baptized, but we still needed to work with him. The good thing is that he is still going to get baptized, just at a later date. I am so excited for that day and I hope that he is ready and doing the things he needs to by that day! So another downside to this week was that we had a lot of lessons planned for this week that would have helped us make every goal we set, but sadly, many of the lessons cancelled. When I say many, I mean most. It was a little hard, but it gave us lots of opportunities to reach out to others. That leads me into the good part of the week! Thanks to the help and good work of ward mission leaders and the wards, we now have 8 new investigators we are working with! 5 of them are on date for baptism! The Lord truly works in a marvelous way and looks after everyone. I know the love Heavenly Father has for each and every one of his children. We truly have been blessed with these wonderful people coming into our paths. I know the Gospel can bless anyone's life as long as they're willing to accept it and to act upon those invitations we ask them to do. I know the Book of Mormon brings strength into our lives and it is such an influence for good. I know the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and not only does everything rely on it, it also strengthens our testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. This last week we got our new ipads! It took a little while to transfer things over but it worked out! I am excited for the use of technology and the advancements to the work through technology. We truly have been blessed with the inventions inspired by God. This week has been really busy with meetings and planning and has been longer, but it has been great! I just found out right now that I am staying in Springville, in a trio, for another 6 weeks! I am so excited! except for the part of sleeping on the cot for another 6 weeks :P haha I am very excited to keep working with the people we are working with. I had to talk this last Sunday and because of the busy schedule I had to speed write my talk. I was very nervous because usually I plan my entire talk out, but this time I had to throw a lot together. It still went pretty good though, I am so thankful for the spirit. Without the guidance of the Holy Ghost I don't know how I could have done that talk alone. I am truly blessed to be on the Lords side. Today I had the opportunity to go to the temple and to go through an endowment session! I loved it! We only go once every 3 months so it was pretty special. I am so very thankful to have temples and to recieve answers to our questions. I know the temple is special and is always so spiritual. I also got the chance to be a part of a sealing! They needed some witnesses and people to sit in as children, so me and my companions were invited to do that. It was so amazing. I love the temple and know that families for all eternity starts in the temple. I have been blessed this week and it has been wonderful. Hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!
-Elder Noad

Springville trio week 5

Yes transfers are coming up this next week, so not this Wednesday, but next :) I hope I stay here :) but I will go where the Lord wants me to go :) good luck on the student teacher! I love the atonement! Without Christ's sacrifice we would be nothing and would never be able to make it home to our Father in Heaven. I love you Dad! Your the best and I am so thankful for the support you give me! Thank you! Have a great week! I'm doing great!First I'd like to start out by saying congratulations to my brothers for getting first place in their sports! Great job! Congrats! This week has been great! I have had to do a online course for technology this week so the email is going to be a little short again! Sorry! But this week has been great! We had the opportunity to go to a technology in the digital age conference! It was so good! We had Elder Clark and Brother Donaldson (from The District 2) talk to us about the changes they are making and implementing towards technology in the mission. We are now restarting technology in the missions and the testing phase is done. We are now doing training and learning how to use technology safely and effectively to help the work progress. The iPads are a wonderful tool to use in the mission. I have truly seen the help of them in sharing the Gospel and bringing others unto Christ. This technology has been put on the earth not to give us something to do or to waste our time on, he has divinely appointed us this technology to help hasten the work of Salvation. I know technology can be used for good and bad, but when we focus on the good we can use it for, we begin to use it in a way that Heavenly Father wants us to use it. I know that Heavenly Father has a plan for everything. Another reason we are given iPads is to train us on how to use technology properly and how to use it for good. As we are here on the mission there are strict guidelines that help immunize us on the proper use of technology. They want the rising generation to use technology in the way it was appointed to be used for. I am very excited for the growth of technology in the missions and it is a great tool if missionaries remember their purpose. We should always have a purpose for going on technology. We can't be lazy and just surfing the Internet. We need to use the Internet in a way where we have a purpose, we fulfill that purpose, and then we are done with our need for technology at that time. I know that this is truly revelation receive from our Heavenly Father that we get to use these tools and devices. I invite everyone to look at their devices and see what they can change to be smarter, and more efficient on technology and to not waste time on it. The conference was amazing. I truly learned and I am continuing to learn. This week has gone well with us working with a lot of Gods children. What a blessing it is to me to have the opportunity to see the change in people's lives as they turn their hearts to the Savior. I know that my Redeemer live! I am so excited for this upcoming year with 2 temple dedications, a mission split, and the ways we reach out to His children. I'm so thankful to be on a mission and am so excited to be a part of the hastening of the work. I know the Lord wants all to come unto him and again live with our Father again. The time is now to make that change! We cannot procrastinate our time to when we feel like it, because we will never do it. We need to come unto Him and be perfected through him. I am so thankful for all that is happening and I'm very excited! Have a great week everyone and I truly love all of you and appreciate all you do! Also! We have a baptism this weekend!!! I'm super excited to see this boy take that step to follow his Savior!

-Elder Noad

Springville Trio week 4

Ipad selfie

I'm super excited about the new ipads! I am not worried one bit I am just really excited! This used one I have had all the corners cracked and it got cold enough that it put a crack across my screen from corner to corner :P ya it was kind of a bummer, oh well it still works! The mission here is great and I am truly enjoying every second of it! I love bearing testimony, especially about Eternal Life and Joseph Smith. There are many people who are skeptical of Joseph Smith here. I understand my Patriarchal Blessing more now when it says gain a testimony of Joseph Smith. I will never let my testimony of the Prophet Joseph Smith waiver and you can hold that on me! That is so exciting for Nate! Keep focused bud! Don't regret not winning! I would know there are many times I think I wish that would have gone different! Even though every time it falls back to me knowing I am where I am thanks to my experiences. That is so cool Nate got scouted! Let me know more!!!! Congrats on Sam and Joey as well! awesome job! I didn't get an email from Mom today so just tell her I love her!!!!  The temple truly is something worth making time for. Joey is so funny. Dad you are awesome! thanks for all you do! Love you and the Family!
This week has been a great week! We have been able to teach many, see a change in many, and help people come unto Christ! This week was actually a very good week. I bought a new baseball glove and a reaction ball because I started thinking about how I would love to get really good at baseball and see where that takes me! Why not! I have morning workouts where I get to work on that! So I have been doing that this last week and I can tell I haven't done any baseball in a while! haha So on Tuesday we had a fantastic Zone Conference. I learned so many leadership skills from my wonderful Mission President, President McCune. He is the best! He knows a lot and you can tell he trusts in the Lord and has Faith. He is so kind and cares about all. He truly loves Heavenly Fathers children. He also taught me some amazing Principles that can truly bless my life, as well as the people we help to bring to the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We talked about the parable of the lost sheep and the lost coin. I love those parables and they truly teach an amazing lesson and message for all. We then had a lot of lessons we went to this week. I am sadly running short on time today so I will skip most things. We also had the opportunity to go to a Stake Conference! I love Stake conference and hearing from the Stake President. He is a wonderful man and truly holds the Priesthood keys to the stake. It was a wonderful Stake Conference. It has been a wonderful week and I am truly blessed to be here on a mission. I love the Utah, Provo mission and I am so excited for what the future brings in helping Heavenly Fathers Children come unto Christ. Love you all and have a fantastic week! You truly are blessed as you make time for the Gospel and do the things the Lord wants us to do. Read the Scriptures. Say your prayers. Get that Temple Recommend. Read and Ponder and Get that Patriarchal Blessing. It is my testimony that my Redeemer lives and loves us all. Joseph Smith is a Prophet of God. I can life with my Father in Heaven again through living the Gospel. I know Families can be together for all Eternity. I always want to be with my Family for all Eternity. Through the Gospel of Jesus Christ you can to.

Springville Trio week 3


Springville ?

Hey Dad! so I failed to mention this to Mom but apparently we are getting new ipads and that we have to pay for them :P So that is happening this upcoming month in March. I am truly blessed to be here on this mission and things are going great! I have learned I need to study the Christlike attributes and apply them in my life. I invite you to go over them with the family for a family home evening or something. Thanks Dad for all you do! It was your words that helped me to get back on the path and I thank you. Dad, remember you have a perfect example of a Father. Our Father in Heaven. As you teach and build the family up in the Gospel and follow the example of Heavenly Father, the family will be blessed. In preach my Gospel there's a box that says something like families are strengthened and grow as they are taught the gospel in a Christlike home. Dad you are a great Father and you have done so much for me and have truly helped me to be on this mission. Thanks for all you do Dad and keep helping the family grow in the gospel in the home. Let the home be a place of Love and filled with the teachings of Christ. Thanks for the update and I love you tons Dad! you have taught me so much and I thank you. Have a great week.

This past week has been fantastic! I would like to start with an experience I was able to have this past week that helped me to build my strength and Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. This last week we taught a Less Active who has been struggling with some addictions in his life. As we went through planning we felt inspired to teach about fasting. The Holy Ghost further revealed that we should Fast this past Sunday and do it with him and be there right along side him. We followed that prompting and with that taught him the strength and blessings that comes from fasting. We could see that he was experiencing a change of heart. As we invited him to Fast with us this previous Sunday you could see the Love he felt to have missionaries, as well as the Lord, right there with him to help keep him steady on his path. He was so excited about Fasting this Sunday and receiving those blessings that when we left him that night, he read and pondered the Book of Mormon and truly searched the Scriptures and asked questions to know more. When we started our fast with him he again turned to the scriptures and read and pondered and prayed. He said he had a moment of temptation and immediately turned to the scriptures and after 10 minutes in the Book of Mormon the temptation had left him and he was filled with the Spirit. I know that our fast with him and his Faith and desire to apply the atonement in his life truly has blessed him and he has gained a new sense of hope. What a blessing to see his spiritual strength grow and his Faith grow because of the Fasting. I know that fasting truly does bless us. I know Christ is there for all of us and all we need is to have faith and allow the atonement to work in our lives. As we show faith in doing the things we are asked to do, such as reading ours scriptures, praying, going to church, etc. we truly draw closer to our Father and Savior. I know that through Repentance and Faith we can build our testimonies in the Gospel of Jesus Christ. I leave that invitation to all, to have that Faith and use the atonement in your lives through repentance. As you do that your testimony will grow in the Savior and you will know the blessings of the Gospel of Jesus Christ in your lives. I know the Lord is my light. I know that it is through him that I may again live with my Father in Heaven. I know that it is the Gospel of Jesus Christ that shows us the way back to our Heavenly Father. I know we are here to again return and live with our Father in Heaven again. Read the Book of Mormon, the truth found inside will lead you to Eternal Life. I know all of this to be true. I know that my Redeemer lives. 
This past week has been full of lessons that have kept me busy, but has truly progressed the work of Salvation. I am so blessed to be serving in this mission. I have been able to see many lives change and many hearts turn to our Savior Jesus Christ. I am truly honored to be the Lords servant in his work. On Monday I had to purchase a heated blanket and water purifier! The heated blanket for my nonexistent insulated cot, and the water purifier for the hard water that is here in Utah. Both have really been awesome this past week and I'm sleeping awesome now! Except that I have to wake up every 3 hours to turn on my Auto-off heated blanket :P Oh well I'm not complaining! haha We then went to the the church and played some basketball. We shot full court shots for like half an hour and I got so close multiple times! It was very fun at the time until I woke up the next day and couldn't lift my arm haha. It's ok! my arm is back to good! On Wednesday we had a District Training Meeting that went very well and finished it off with lunch at Maglebys! We have had a lot of talk in our lessons lately about the "Isaiah Chapters". We actually had one lady read verses to us and asked us to tell her what it meant! It was difficult at times but we were lucky we had the Holy Ghost with us! This past week we have been trying twice as hard to help people realize that we are there to help them on their path. We are here to help bring people unto Christ and that is done through truly walking alongside them. On Friday we started out the day with helping a guy clear out the back of his truck. He wasn't there, but he did tell us to take a big heavy cement bag to the garbage. So I picked that ripping bag up, (quite easily actually) and skedaddled on over to the garbage bin before the bag ripped. As I got there, I tried lifting and throwing at the same time to get it in (remember I am small and those garbage bins are head height). Clearly my arms just refused to do any work and I basically slammed this bag of hard cement into the side of this garbage bin with all my weight into it. Needless to say, I had cement all over my suit pants as the bag ripped and exploded everywhere. I am not sure how that happened, I knew I was strong enough to lift it in, clearly my brain didn't send the right message. (It's so much funnier if you imagine what it looked like, I basically ran right into the Garbage bin) ya not one of my finest moments. Yesterday I had the opportunity to remember that I had to give a 10 minute talk to an assisted living home! So I pulled out Elder Bednar's "The Tender Mercies of the Lord" and took parts of his talk. The first Sacrament meeting we went to was great! we had a Stake President talk about Adam and Eve and marriage and how sacred and holy it is. He also tied in with that how we all play a significant role and we all have a responsibility to fulfill those significant roles to bless and strengthen families as a whole. Marriage is essential to Heavenly Fathers plan. I then went to the Assisted Living Home and passed the sacrament and gave a 5 minute lesson. It is hard to know what to speak on as all the people there have different mental capacities, but I knew I blessed the lives of the people. I love Sunday because of church and the things I learn and feel at Church. This last week has been awesome. Thank you all for the support you give me! Keep drawing closer to our Savior and you will be blessed. Love your all! have a great week and know Jesus loves you!