Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Week 4 - Springville - Missing phone calls!!

Wow this week has been a great week! Some hard times but so many more good times and blessings! I love the Lord my Savior! He has blessed me so much and continues to bless me! I know that my Redeemer lives! This week I truly have learned that it is through the blessings of the lord and the strength of the Holy Spirit that brings Joy into our life! I know that there is no other feeling that compares to the Spirit touching my heart! The Lord is my light and is so very kind to me and all of his Brothers and Sisters. My Father in Heaven loves me and I am a Child of God! I love this Gospel I have so much fun and have so much joy through this Gospel. It has been a great week! If your looking for a Spiritual uplift listen to some Youth Church songs! Haha 

So this last Monday we got to go to the Church for a District activity of just doing some sports. It was fun and I got to know my District even better! 

So on Tuesday it was kind of a rough day. We didn't have many appointments and no one was available so we did all we could and nothing was working. It was a stressful day, but, I did find the positive! For the lessons we had I had troubles teaching as well, but the Fellowshippers were awesome! I know the Lord was looking out for me! He truly does bless us all with little things. We have to find the things the Lord does for us and thank him sincerely. He not only gave his life for us but continually looks after us. He truly cares about all of us and wants us all to live with Him and our Father again. I love my Father and Savior and want to live with them again. 

So on Wednesday it started out great :P We grabbed the phone for Companionship study and come to find out we missed a call from the MISSION PRESIDENT!!!! So we phoned him back and come to find out we had five minutes to get to a training meeting in Provo! Keep in mind we don't have a car. So we ended up about 15 minutes late :P (great job Elder Noad! You miss a call from the Mission President AND was late to his meeting :P) Ya, kind of an interesting morning :P The meeting went great though! I learned a lot and I was able to hear things that I can improve on. It was a perfect meeting! We then had a District Meeting and talked about how to study and use Preach My Gospel better. We had a lot of people cancel on us, but we were able to stay busy and get lots done so it was great! We went on splits and I had the opportunity to go out with a young man who will be going on his mission in May to Germany! The night was great and he did an awesome job! It was a great night. On 

Thursday we rode our bikes around trying to set up appointments and talked to some members. We then ate Lunch at Maglebys and it is always SO GOOD! They have amazing raspberry lemonade! We then did a little bit of weekly planning and then had dinner and splits again! So I went out with a guy named Bishop Condie. He is awesome! We were able to teach people and talk to ward missionaries and we talked while we waited to meet up with my companion. He is an awesome guy and he really made me appreciate Magrath and the small town/country feel. I love my hometown! 

On Friday we finished up weekly planning. Today was the third day in three days that my companion had something break on his bike! It is still being repaired as I write. That night I had 10 names of people I wanted to see. Within an hour we had went to all ten of those people and got hardly anything! So I was lucky enough to try and find some people to teach for 2 hours! My companion had an awesome experience! He prayed with this family who wasn't too interested that they could find their dog. So that night, he went and stopped by someone's home. In that home they found the dog! The chances of that are near to none and it was all the way across town! It was so amazing and I know prayers are answered. 

On Saturday we started the morning eating Swedish Pancakes with the Lowe's and celebrated his birthday. These Swedish Pancakes are awesome and it was so awesome to wish him a happy birthday! We got a phone call from the Stake President (I was feeling pretty special for all these phone calls from Presidents) and he asked us to try and make both the Priesthood training and adult session of stake conference. So we moved some appointments and made it out. As we arrived we got a call from the President McCune (wasn't missing this one) and he told us to go to these sessions and they would be great! He sounded excited so I figured this should be pretty good! It was! It was soooo good! We had Elder Grow from the Quorum of the 70 (who spoke in Magrath about two years ago) speak to us and all the leadership and adults about missionary work! Wow was it good! I felt everyone learned something they could do better and I learned what I could do better as well! It was just so good. He was calling people up and explaining roles of people in the work and he called us Elders up. So I told him I was from Magrath (in which he responded with I was there 2 years ago do you remember that? Probably not you were probably snoozing) and had me share some things and read some things. He thought I was the senior companion!! (Fist pump) haha it was awesome! Then on Sunday at Stake Conference the Stake President did a fantastic job talking about rescuing those people that are lost, especially less actives. The one person talked about how if someone was lost in the mountains, you would drop everything to go and find them. It is the same with spiritually lost, and being spiritually lost is a lot more dire then being physically lost. We need to rescue those people. Sister Grow then talked about how husbands and fathers need to be better and need to love and care for his family. He needs to do almost anything for his family. Families are so important. Elder Grow then talked about the Atonement and how important it is that we are willing to do the things necessary to be forgiven but also willing to follow the covenants we made. Without doing that we are not partaking of the Atonement. 

Sunday morning was amazing! I was having headaches that Saturday and Sunday, but the personal study I had was so good! I learned so much and truly received inspiration from my Father in Heaven. It was a great morning. This week has been fantastic and I hope that all of you have a great week! Read your scriptures, say your prayers, go to church, keep the commandments, and GO TO THE TEMPLE! Love you all!
-Elder Noad

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