Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Week 5 - Springville - Happy Birthday Elder Noad!

My Birthday was awesome! I loved it! I got Nanny's card :) She is so awesome! :) So I'm hoping there is no candy in this package that you sent me because I am up to my ears in candy! hahaha It's alright I will love anything :) You're the best Mom! they truly are "In for a treat" I am quite the spectacle here :P haha I'm kidding I am doing great! This past week has actually been a tougher one but hey it is all good! I am being shaped into someone with so much more potential! I love that video! Well say Happy Birthday to the Family from me! Hope they have a wonderful year! I love the teachings of the presidents. All the general authorities are so bold when they talk! That boldness is purely the spirit. They know what is right and they are not going to sugar coat it. Sounds like a very awesome Sacrament meeting and good job Dad! That is so awesome to hear about both Nate and Sam! Congrats to them!!! Sounds like an interesting week!!!!! HAHAHA I love the stories! thank you so much for the laugh and I am so sorry about it all! hahaha But good job Joey is lucky and can win you 86 bucks!!! haha I miss Joey, tell him I miss him and that he should be a good boy for Mommy and Daddy and that I love him! Thanks so much for the support and love you give me I truly love it! Thank You! I am doing awesome and it has already almost been 2 months!!! Well I love you tons Mom! miss ya! Keep being the amazing Mom you always are! 

What a week this has been! Lets start at the beginning shall we? So to begin this week we had a Zone activity where we went to the beach and just threw a football around and played some soccer and things like that. It was awesome! I love Zone activities! now your probably thinking the beach in the middle of winter? Yes the beach in the middle of winter! The weather here has been nothing but sun the last week! It has been chilly, but all sun. So it is completely weird for me, and apparently a little different for here, but I don't mind it! Especially with me and my Companion walking! haha It was a fantastic activity and a lot of fun. 

On Tuesday I had the wonderful opportunity to bike uphill for what felt like forever :) Yes a lot of fun! It was great to be able to not feel my legs because of how in shape I am! I was really appreciating my companion and area on Tuesday! We then ate at Ginger's, which is kind of a natural foods place, and it was good. We then biked all the way back up! Good times, good times :) I had the opportunity to play a little road hockey with some kids, if i scored they had to read their scriptures every day for a week. So I took a shot and missed! What a bummer, oh well I told them I had 3 chances. So I took another and missed again! (Let me explain, I had some miniature stick and I didn't want to hurt the kid in net, so I took it easy on them) The last shot I scored and we both then had to read our scriptures every day for a week. It was fun :) This week in total we didn't have to many lessons but nonetheless still a good week!

 On Wednesday we didn't really do anything that I can remember at this moment so we will skip Wednesday! So on Thursday I was able to look at my family history! It was great me and my Companion were checking if we were related. Nothing. Oh well all good I didn't want to be related to him anyways! (I'm joking, he is a great Elder!) We were doing family history because we took one of our investigators who is overcoming smoking so that she could do Family History instead. She was so excited! It was perfect! My Companion, Elder Allen, was truly guided by the spirit. What a blessing it is that I have such a great companion who teaches me a lot and helps me to grow. He is a great trainer and friend. 

The next day we were doing President Interviews, so I had to make sure I shined my shoes real good to make up for the missed call! haha So Friday it was my birthday! So we went and had our District training meeting, and President Interviews. President Interviews went great and I learned things I can work on as well as things I was doing good. President is awesome! I then missed a call from Sister McCune! (Clearly I shouldn't have the phone) and she wished me a Happy Birthday! Her and President McCune are so awesome! They are the best! So then me and my companion had the opportunity to walk 40 blocks back to the apartment! Needless to say I should have been in shape before I came out. I'm still feeling the effects of this wonderful week!

 Saturday was another great day! We had 5 out of our 6 appointments cancel! It was a fantastic day full of backup plans! haha I love this area it really honestly is an awesome area :) We then, on Sunday, had the opportunity to teach the YW about the Godhead and their individual worth. It went really well and the spirit was felt and the YW were able to gain a better perspective of their individual worth in the eyes of our Father in Heaven. We also had the priviledge to teach a Preach my Gospel group of 20 or so youth gathering themselves together and teaching each other about Preach my Gospel! It was so awesome to see so many devoted youth to learning the Gospel and how to teach! It went so good and we taught awesome! The spirit guided the lesson and everyone there felt the spirit. It was such a great experience I loved it! I also found out none of them know what tiger ice cream is. I did not know that! haha Also found out that night that I had forgotten the keys to the apartment in the church where my coat was that was now locked up! Great adventure :)

 Well the week was great and I am loving the week! Oh! Also we had some old lady try chasing us with her remote control monster truck while laughing like a witch! It was very funny I couldn't stop laughing! God bless you all and please do the things that will draw you closer to your Father in Heaven! Love you all! Have a great week! 
-Elder Noad

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