Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Week 1 Springville South

So this week has been a long week! This week was transfer week. Our Area split and the new Area I cover is called Springville South and it covers the Hobble Creek West Stake and the Kolob Stake! I got a new companion and his name is Elder Howard! We know the Kolob stake pretty good but with the Hobble Creek West we are not sure at all! So we have spent like all week just trying to set up meetings to try and get to know the Hobble Creek West stake better. It has been long and stressful and trying to keep up is difficult but we are slowly getting there. We want to work with more people upcoming here so we are working hard to get to know Hobble Creek West. This week we hope that we will be working more with people and getting back into teaching. We have a lot of work to do in that stake but it is coming, we are slowly getting there. I really want to see this Area boom and it is going to be me and Elder Howard who is going to get it there. So it is going to
take some work. So Monday we found out about the transfers. So that was fun and we spent some time as a district playing some soccer and what not. It was a good Pday. On Tuesday we had to go to a trainers meeting for Elder Allen and basically did our lessons for the day and told people I was being transferred. This week really wasn't that interesting or fun or crazy awesome, but it is getting better! I do enjoy that I have been given this amazing opportunity to help out this place. I can't wait to see this Area start to really move along! We then had transfer day! This is where I got my new companion! We went in early for another training meeting. We then went and taught people that night and did the Lords work. I know that this transfer is starting out quite hard for me, but I know without a doubt that this has a lot of potential and with the Lords help, anything is possible. This Area truly has potential we just have to open that and work hard to help the people in these two stakes. We then on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, spent a lot of time meeting with Ward Mission Leaders and going out with some. The HCW stake has very good ideas, they just
need help putting them into place. We are on foot and it takes time to get across to the HCW stake, but we try our best to make it over there. The people we have met are great people we just have to set the missionary work up in the most efficient way possible. I know this Area is great and that I was sent here for a reason. This is the time that we all need to hasten the work. I love Sunday's! We were able to go to sacrament and gospel principles and meet with the WML! Sundays always bring the spirit more into my life. The importance of Sunday's is to go to church and to spend time as a family. Sundays always bring that spiritual boost for the rest of the week :) well this week has been long but we're getting there! Have a great week and enjoy everything you have! Oh also we are locked out of our apartment and were really not sure how that happened :P anyways have a great week!

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