Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Sunday, 24 May 2015

Week 6 in Springville Kolob stake

This week has been great! Elder Russell is a great Elder, I got to
FaceTime home, and the week was just great! On Monday we spent the
night with a family who fed us dinner. They are such a nice family and
they just moved from Saskatchewan to here in the last little while.
They are so kind and loving and truly are an example of putting faith
in the Lord Jesus Christ. It was a great night. I work with a lot of
families and all these kids seem to like me! Haha I don't know why,
I'm kind of a funny looking guy :) haha So then on Tuesday we ate
dinner with a family that reminded me a lot of mine. It was a great
dinner! We also taught someone that night that two weeks ago blessed
their two children and I got to stand in the circle for that! It was
truly a blessing and very powerful to be a part of a child's blessing.
On Wednesday we ate at Maglebys with the District leader and his
companion. It was a good lunch and a pretty good day. We also ate
dinner with a family who the father served in the Alberta Canada
Mission! It was really cool! On Thursday I finished fixing up my bike
and it is now ready to be used! In the afternoon we then went to the
Temple with a family and I know it helped them to realize that going
to the temple is the right path and goal for them. Driving to Payson
though was pretty great! I only got lost once! Haha which is very
good! On Friday we started out our morning with a Zone Training
Meeting. It was very good and I learned a lot of things I can improve
on in the mission to help others come unto Christ. It was great! Funny
enough there is only me and another person I came out with that are
the only ones still in the Zone from December. Everyone else is newer.
It is pretty cool! Haha we then had our Weekly planning and bought
some bacon wrapped pizza from Little Caesars! It is sooo good! We then
took another family to the temple and it was great for them as well.
It is so amazing to have a temple open house in our mission! On
Saturday we went and met a kid who we are going to teach, and the poor
kid had his family and this member we brought just start to tell him
so many things and he was so overwhelmed! So we took some time and
just asked him some questions to see where he was at. It was very good
because after that he really opened up to us missionaries. It was
great. It was also raining really good on Saturday and we had told
someone that we would do some weed pulling for them, so we did as they
were not home and we got a lot of it done. It was a great opportunity.
I love doing service! We then went to a ward party! They did a whole 5
de Mayo party! It was pretty awesome and a lot of fun! We met some
great people there. I actually even met a firefighter who told me a
lot about what he does and did for school to get hired. It was great!
On Sunday we then had the opportunity to FaceTime home! It was so
great to see my family again! Everyone was looking so good and it was
great to see Nick! I love my family and I hope my Mom and my Grandma
and Nanny had a wonderful Mother's Day! As well as all the Mothers out
there! That night we ate dinner with John and Christine Davies who are
from Alberta Canada and apparently related to some Davies in Magrath!
So that was pretty cool! The work here is going great and I am
enjoying all the families I have the opportunity to work with. We are
working towards some baptismal days and attending the temple so it is
awesome! Anyways I hope all had a great week and I hope you have
another great week! Thanks for all the support! Love you all!

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