Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Sunday, 3 May 2015

Week 5 Springville Kolob and Hobble Creek West Stake

This week has been a pretty great week! Sadly, Elder Howard is going home this next week, so I am getting a new companion this next Wednesday. Elder Howard has been a great missionary! So hard spots, but he is a very strong spirited individual. It has been a blessing to serve with him. So this past week has been pretty good! We have reached 23 lessons this past week and have had the opportunity to see some hearts soften. I had the opportunity to bear my heartfelt testimony with someone we worked with. I prayed so hard that the spirit would be felt as I bore my testimony. I am so blessed to have the spirit there to soften the heart of the people, but also to have prayers answered. I know he spirit was felt. I am so blessed to be a child of my Heavenly Father. I have such a great potential! And so does everyone! So Monday night after I had written you, we headed into town and came up on an accident where someone on a bicycle got his by a vehicle. There was a ton of people there. I was going to get out and go help out, but I figured there was enough people there. I really should have gone over and seen what I could do. People were just panicking. It was terrible. I hope the person is ok. So on Tuesday we did exchanges again. This time I was with Elder Shields. We biked 7 miles that day and reached all of our goals! It was such a great day! Elder Shields is a fantastic Elder who truly is diligent! On Wednesday we received some amazing news! On that day, and the Thursday, we could take the people we work with and take them to the VIP session of the open temple! So on Wednesday we taught and set up as many people as were available to come with us! We were able to find 4 families to go with us Thursday. So on Thursday afternoon we were able to take one person with us. We were lucky enough to have a person from the purchasing department with us on our tour and he told us all about how they got the wood from South Africa, and the marble flooring from Spain. Also talked about how the symbol of this temple is the Apple blossoms and that the wood starts dark and gets lighter the higher up in the temple you get. It is such a beautiful temple! One of the prettiest temples I have ever been in! It was amazing! Sooooo pretty! On Saturday we taught Jaxson and we are hoping hoping to have him get baptized here soon! We also took them to the temple later that night. I am so blessed for temples. I know that temples are where families are made for all eternity. It was an amazing week and I am so blessed to have the Lord on my side. I will do the will of the Lord. Well hope you all have a good week! Love ya all!
-Elder Noad

Payson Temple Photos

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Elder Noad and Elder Howard

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