Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Monday, 13 April 2015

Week 4 Springville Kolob and Hobble Creek West Stake

This week has been a pretty good week! On Tuesday we had all of our
appointments cancel, so we had to do a lot of finding and visiting
people. So for lunch Elder Howard made some wonderful Chicken Alfredo
and it was soooo good! He is a fantastic cook! We then had the
opportunity to do a service project for someone. We picked weeds and
cleaned up their yard. There was a big piece of PVC pipe laying out of
the ground and it was broken and dangerous. So I watched some people
to work on this pipe and struggle for quite some time with it. They
finally gave up and allowed me to give a shot at it. Turns out I had
it solved in 2 minutes. It was an amazing opportunity to see how
sometimes we are people who struggle and struggle in our lives and
refuse to turn to our Father, but as soon as we humble ourselves and
turn to our Father for help, he can help and he will help. That help
will come in a variety of ways and it will come through the will of
the Father. It was an eye opening experience for me. We must turn to
our Father and he will provide a path for us. On Wednesday we then did
exchanges. I was put back with Elder Allen for the day and was put on
a bike. I woke up on Wednesday morning with a super loud, real, old
alarm clock that was very annoying! Haha oh well it got me up. We then
went and played some basketball, planned really well for the day, and
headed out. Elder Allen thought that it was the perfect opportunity to
go to the furthest, highest part of his area! So we did! Now that
wasn't all, it started to rain, snow, and hail! So we started off with
me borrowing Elder Allen's rain poncho. We then headed out and luckily
I had a really nice bike I was borrowing. We got up to the top and it
was very tiring, but well worth it! I mean we didn't get into one
house at the top, but the view and the chance to burn off some fat was
great! Haha we rode around 5 miles that day and taught quite a few
lessons. I was able to see many people and it was a lot of fun!  It
was a great exchange where I learned lots. We also got to eat at a
U.S. armory for lunch! It was a lot of fun talking with the people and
the food was awesome! They made chicken, with cheese covering it, with
bacon on top of that, with more cheese over that! It was soooo good!
It was a great day. On Thursday we then went to a Zone Training
Meeting! I love these meetings where I get to learn and grow and draw
closer to my savior. We also learn how we can help the work of
salvation to progress even more. Later that night I then got to go on
splits with a man who's mom is going through cancer. It was hard to
hear his story, but he is so strong with faith in Christ. He truly was
an example of trusting in the Lord. He is an amazing man. I forgot to
mention that the day before we met an older man who had completely
disillusioned himself out of the Church. He was very confused and you
could see the pride and hatred he had and it was so sad to see. I
truly loved the man and cared about him, but he was to full of hatred
and pride to even listen. It was sad to see. On Friday we did our
weekly planning session, Saturday we worked hard to find people to
work with, and on Sunday we had a lot of meetings as well as church.
We had a hard week in that we didn't teach many people, and we had a
lot of cancellations, but it was good that we were able to reach out
to many. It was a great week and I truly enjoyed everything this week.
I'm truly learning the importance of the Gospel, even in my life. We
must all take that first step and humble ourselves. I am right now
watching Meet the Mormons and it is a great movie! Anyways hope you
all have a wonderful week! Love you all! I promise you there is
blessings that come when we read scriptures. Have a great week!
-Elder Noad

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