Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Sunday, 21 June 2015

Week 1 Transferred!! and a new mission!!

As of July 1st, I will now be serving in the UTAH OREM MISSION! I have been transferred to the UVU YSA Area. So I know cover all of the YSA stakes in Orem. So it is crazy! But I am super excited about this opportunity! My new companion is Elder Herrington. He is pretty awesome! He is actually going home after this transfer so I am again with someone who is going home! It is kind of a lot crazy! It means I will likely have to learn my way around Orem pretty quick and figure everything out. It is already coming pretty quick. We are a little slow right now due to a lot of the students at UVU are home for the summer, so we work with what we got! Which is still pretty big as we cover 31 wards. It's pretty awesome here! Who knew my first time attending a YSA Ward would be on my mission.... But hey has to happen sometime! Lol so for those who may not know, YSA stands for Young Single Adult. My bad! So I have incredible news though!! I have a baptism in my old area on June the 20th!!! I'm super excited for them! It is a great opportunity for them to follow Jesus Christ. So that is one thing, in my last area I worked with a lot of kids, in this area you know who you are working with. It is actually very different here in the new area but a great opportunity to learn and grow! Driving in Orem is a little busier than what I'm used to and the roads are a little odd, but I've got the hang of it pretty good! With the help of the Lord of course. Funny enough, a week before I got called to this new area, I made sure to mention to Elder Shields, I don't ever plan on going to YSA ever in my life...... Lesson learned, God is always listening! So let me sort of run through this really busy, nervous, exciting, super cool week with you all! So on Monday, I found out I was getting transferred. I was actually pretty sad. We also did some packing and did a zone activity where we played basketball. Funny enough I was on fire! I was one of the best ones there! It was sweet! We then also went up into the mountains in a jeep (in which I am getting one when I am home) and it was great! On Tuesday I spent some of the day doing as much packing as I could. We then went out and I tried to do as much as I could to help Elder Russell out so that when I left he would know everything very simply about the area. I also said goodbye to a lot of people. That was actually pretty difficult. I'm going to miss the people in Springville and it will always have a place in my heart. It was such a great place. Oh! Almost forgot! I was the first one in the 2nd Ordinance room to go through an endowment session at the Payson Temple!! It was so cool and it is so cool that I will be able to say that now! I love that temple! On Wednesday it was transfers! So I finished up packing all my stuff (which is a lot) and said good bye to the Singletons! I am going to miss them. They are such a sweet and funny family. We then went to transfers and he was going through for the list. So we were going and going and I was so nervous! We got to the last Orem area and they didn't call my name! So I was like yay and celebrating quietly with Elder Shields. I get to stay in Provo! Then Elder Herrington spoke up and said what about the UVU YSA area? So he looked back in his papers and said "Sorry about that, Elder Herrington you will be with Elder Noad in that area! I was a little devastated! I celebrated to early! So I gave my bus and said farewell and I we were off! It was pretty crazy not going to lie! We then got back and discussed people and shopped for some food. We then had dinner with a lady and her husband and son. Come to find out it was Elder Oaks daughter!! I was like what! I'm eating with an apostates daughter! It was so amazing! That's where my good manners I learned back home came in handy. On Thursday we did some more finding. We did dodgeball as a morning exercise as a district, but we are no longer aloud to do that. Bummer. On Friday we then had District meeting and weekly planning which both went great. On Saturday we spent a lot of time at the Orem fair trying to contact people. It was fun and it worked pretty good! I also got to see the Senior Couple I worked with in Springville who I had totally forgot mentioned their choir was singing there! So that was pretty awesome! It was a hot day but luckily here in Utah, we are taken care of. I was offered multiple waters, and given a free snow cone. So that was great! We also had the opportunity to do a blessing, at a fair! Kind of odd but it was very good for us and the receiver. We then got stuck in heavy traffic that evening due to the fair being pretty close to where we lived. It took quite a while. On Sunday we then went to some YSA wards and some meetings that went very well. I got my first "aggressive driving" on Tiwi due to these darn Orem streets :P I had to stop quicker than I thought due to a very big and odd intersection. Then right after I stopped quicker than I should have, it turned green :/ ya was pretty upset about that one. I'm sure Heavenly Father was pretty upset with me getting an aggressive driving as well so I guess I shouldn't have been upset. I then met a guy at church who is actually in one of the church videos on Christ's Grace! He is such a great guy! This past week I also had to spend quite a lot of time cleaning up the apartment. It was very dirty here and took me quite a while, but I got it clean. Also the car was pretty dirty as well. There was peanut shells on the floor in the back that was covered with a floor mat. All I could think was wow. That is pathetic. Oh well, we did some cleaning. As we were cleaning out the car it actually started pouring out and thundering right above us! We were like in the middle of the storm it was insane but super cool! This week has been busy but very fun :) I also got a new suit! Since my other one has gotten to small (luckily we don't get fed much in the YSA wards!) so I will lose some weight. Anyways thanks for all the love and support! I'm excited to be able to serve in a second mission! Keep reading and praying diligently! God knows you and loves you and will shape you into who he knows you can be. Have a great week! Love you all and know I am here for you all! 

Elder Noad
Utah Orem Mission

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