Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Sunday, 22 March 2015

Springville Trio week 6

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The companionship of three at the Temple

Hey! We are defiantly staying busy but I'm loving it! Yet another transfer gone by! I am staying in this area with my two companions! I'm pretty excited :) they're pretty great! Yes sometimes they really annoy me and are frustrating but I love them anyways :) they're a lot of fun and we get a lot done. I'm really loving it here in Springville and things are really starting to progress. I've been studying Christlike attributes and I've been trying to apply it to me lately. Christ is the perfect example and we should truly try and be more like him. I would encourage you to go over those attributes and preach my gospel with the kids. It truly blessed our life as we strive to be like Jesus Christ. Congratulations to Nate on all the success! Sounds like a break here for a little bit! That's great Kassy is doing good! She defiantly is staying really busy! Haha thanks Dad! Love you! Keep up all that your doing! 
This week has been a fantastic week mixed with some hardships. The bad news was that our one baptism we were going to have this weekend had to be moved. I was looking forward to the baptism and I know that this kid was ready and so desirable to be baptized, but we still needed to work with him. The good thing is that he is still going to get baptized, just at a later date. I am so excited for that day and I hope that he is ready and doing the things he needs to by that day! So another downside to this week was that we had a lot of lessons planned for this week that would have helped us make every goal we set, but sadly, many of the lessons cancelled. When I say many, I mean most. It was a little hard, but it gave us lots of opportunities to reach out to others. That leads me into the good part of the week! Thanks to the help and good work of ward mission leaders and the wards, we now have 8 new investigators we are working with! 5 of them are on date for baptism! The Lord truly works in a marvelous way and looks after everyone. I know the love Heavenly Father has for each and every one of his children. We truly have been blessed with these wonderful people coming into our paths. I know the Gospel can bless anyone's life as long as they're willing to accept it and to act upon those invitations we ask them to do. I know the Book of Mormon brings strength into our lives and it is such an influence for good. I know the Book of Mormon is the keystone of our religion and not only does everything rely on it, it also strengthens our testimony of our Savior Jesus Christ. This last week we got our new ipads! It took a little while to transfer things over but it worked out! I am excited for the use of technology and the advancements to the work through technology. We truly have been blessed with the inventions inspired by God. This week has been really busy with meetings and planning and has been longer, but it has been great! I just found out right now that I am staying in Springville, in a trio, for another 6 weeks! I am so excited! except for the part of sleeping on the cot for another 6 weeks :P haha I am very excited to keep working with the people we are working with. I had to talk this last Sunday and because of the busy schedule I had to speed write my talk. I was very nervous because usually I plan my entire talk out, but this time I had to throw a lot together. It still went pretty good though, I am so thankful for the spirit. Without the guidance of the Holy Ghost I don't know how I could have done that talk alone. I am truly blessed to be on the Lords side. Today I had the opportunity to go to the temple and to go through an endowment session! I loved it! We only go once every 3 months so it was pretty special. I am so very thankful to have temples and to recieve answers to our questions. I know the temple is special and is always so spiritual. I also got the chance to be a part of a sealing! They needed some witnesses and people to sit in as children, so me and my companions were invited to do that. It was so amazing. I love the temple and know that families for all eternity starts in the temple. I have been blessed this week and it has been wonderful. Hope everyone has a great week! Love you all!
-Elder Noad

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