Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Monday, 28 December 2015

allow the spirit to enter in - December 21

This past week has been a great week! On Monday, we spent the day
cleaning up the apartment, as well as doing some emails and getting
Elder Russell a haircut. It was a good Pday, little more relaxing than
the last one, so that is always good. On Tuesday we spent our day
trying to contact some people to set up lessons with. It was a good
day, and we were able to accomplish what we needed to accomplish. on
Wednesday, we had the opportunity to go to a zone conference! We got
to hear from our Mission President, as well as the Assistants to the
President. It was a really good conference, and I was able to learn a
lot. One thing that I was reminded of, was the scripture found in 2
Nephi 33:1-2. It talks about how the Spirit is often brought unto our
hearts, but how often do we allow it into our hearts? Have we hardened
our heart to what the Lord wishes to share with us, or our willing and
open to allow the spirit into our hearts, to become an instrument in
the Lords hand. We must always soften our heart and allow the spirit
into our hearts. Now the big question is, how do we accomplish that?
How can we soften our heart to the spirit? It begins with Faith. Faith
is a belief in something that is not seen which motivates a person to
act. That second part where it talks about acting is key. If we are
willing to act by reading our scriptures, praying often, and going to
church, then we can have our heart softened. As we have our heart
softened, the Holy Ghost is then able to enter into our heart and not
just unto. No what do we have faith in? Well we have faith in the
atonement of Jesus Christ. We know that through the atonement all
things are made possible. Through his mercy we can be forgiven of our
sins, as well as those mistakes that we make in our life. Through his
grace, we are able to become. The Lord enables us and bridges that gap
that we may have between us and our Father in Heaven. For us to truly
have faith in his atoning sacrifice, we must do as he has taught us
and showed us. As we know, our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ prayed to
his father in heaven, he also used scriptures or being tempted upon
the mount, and lastly he instituted the sacrament to allow us to
always remember him, and to fully partake of what she has to offer us.
To the Lord all things are possible, but it begins with faith that
then allows the spirit into our hearts, which strengthens us and
sanctifies us. It was an amazing conference, and I was able to learn a
lot about myself and about how I could become a better missionary for
the Lord. As a missionary, we hold the same commission as the apostles
of old carried. Just as it says in Matthew 28: 19-20, we have been
called to proclaim His Gospel in His name. As well we are to baptize
them in His name. We have been given a great responsibility, but the
Lord qualifies us according to our desires and diligence. The rest of
the week, we spent contacting and teaching lessons. We had a pretty
good week for total lessons, and they were some really good lessons.
We are continuing to build this area to point where we can reach out
to as many people as we can. It has been a good week. We also had a
lesson this week with someone who had very negative feelings towards
the church. Who's amazing to see the difference between when he spoke
and when we spoke. When he spoke, you could just feel the spirit leave
the room, but when we spoke in the name of Jesus Christ, the spirit
was very strong. What a testimony to me that this truly is the Lords
work. That the Lord truly has blessed us with the knowledge of how we
can know if this is the Lords to work. Yesterday, we had the
opportunity to go to church. I love going to church and partaking of
the sacrament that offers us that renewing, and sanctifying power
through the reception of the Holy Ghost. The Power of Godliness is
truly manifest in the Ordinances performed. We got to about 3:00
yesterday and I, for some odd reason, started to not feel to good. So
we continued on doing the work and then I really did not feel to good.
Turns out I got food poisoning! So we had to spend all last night from
6-9 back at the apartment. It was terrible. We had a dinner at 5-6
which it was to late to cancel on, so we went and ate there, mainly so
that my companion could eat. Not going to lie, that was one of my
dumber ideas. After 4 long years of not throwing up that streak was
then ruined last night. It was terrible. So I am still just getting
over the effects of it and hopefully will be good for the rest of the
week! Great time to be sick! So that was my week. It was a rough night
last night, but the rest of the week was great! Thank you for all you
do to support me in the work and may the Lord bless you all with good
health and a wonderful Christmas where the spirit of Christ is felt.
Love you all! Merry Christmas!!

Elder Noad
Utah Orem Mission

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