Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Increase of humility November 30

This week has definitely been an interesting week. Lots of things happen this week that were very interesting and cool at the same time. This last Monday, we had our zone activity, so we decided to play some football to practice for the turkey bowl on Thursday. It went well and it was a ton of fun! I got to know some of the Elders better in our zone it was really good. Before I jump into the letter to far, transfers or this week, I received a phone call from President telling me I was going to be a District Leader, and training! I'm super excited, as well as a little nervous. It will be a great experience though I'm looking forward to this upcoming transfer! It's been a lot of fun serving with Elder Mortensen here in this area, and now I will be taking over the area, while still learning it. This past week was a little slower for lessons, due to Thanksgiving day on Thursday. We were unable to set up any lessons on Thursday, so it was a little slow. We were still able to get a pretty good number of lessons in though and it went well. On Thursday, it was my first American Thanksgiving! We started the day off by playing turkey bowl as a mission. Our zone played another zone and it was a ton of fun! I was team Captain on one of the teams, and our team did pretty good. After that we then went to another turkey bowl with our Stake President and his family. It was super fun and definitely something I would consider making a tradition in my own life and family. After that, we then ate dinner with President and Sister Woahn's family. It was super good and to see the traditions that they have is a family was really cool. I love that as families, we are able to make traditions, and bond ourselves closer together. It was a really fun day on Thanksgiving and I thoroughly enjoyed it. Sadly, then next couple days I was pretty darn sore! Haha It was worth it. on Friday, we did our weekly planning and have the opportunity to visit some more people. Being a district leader in this area there's definitely a lot of work, but super fun! I am looking forward to this upcoming transfer. On Saturday, we received a phone call in the morning from one of our ward missionaries asking if we could help them with some service. We decided to say yes, and we headed over to help them move things. Before I go on, I would like to point out that prayers are answered! Earlier that morning my companion Elder Mortensen decided it would be a grand idea to pray for me to have an increase of humility. While we were moving some things, I was given a small little dresser to carry in. As I took it in and set it down, I heard a large pop. Turns out my pants weren't as strong as I thought they were, as A huge hole ripped right into the bottom of my pants. Definitely received an increase of humility! I still have not been able to fix them yet, but I am hoping to fix them soon since they are the only pants to that suit jacket. I am just super grateful that I have another suit that I can wear in the meantime. So that was my adventure on Saturday! Pictures are below. I thank you all for all the support that you send my way, keep up the good work, increase your scripture study, and always remember to say your prayers! May the Lord bless you and all of your lives! Love you all! have a great week!

Ps. I will be reading this upcoming week in 2Nephi 13-17. What I learned this past week is the importance of the Savior in the Plan of Salvation. The plan is flawless, and as we rely on or Redeemer Jesus Christ and Follow Him, we can return back to our Heavenly home, happily as families. I love Jesus Christ and know that he lives!

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