Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Monday, 28 December 2015

New Companion - Dec. 7

This past week I received a new companion who I am training. His name
is Elder Russell! Second Elder Russell I have had as a companion on
the mission! Haha He is awesome and so willing to work! It is going to
be a fun transfer with lots of miracles. I am already seeing them! On
the first day being in this area after Elder Mortensen left, I was
able to find where I needed to go, I wasn't lost!! What a miracle that
truly was!! I thought I would have so many troubles with directions,
but now I am doing pretty well with it all. Elder Russell is from New
Jersey and loves to draw! Super excited to be working with him! It has
been a slower week, we had about 25 lessons planned and ended with 9
:/ lots of cancellations! It is all good though! Sometimes we have to
have bad weeks to appreciate the good! Also, this week everyone was
busy with the end of school semester, and we had transfers. Transfer
week always seems to be a week where you transition and then the week
after your usually back into it. It was a good week though for the
quality of the lessons. So the first evening my companion was here in
the field, he had to go teach a lesson on his own with a member. I was
so proud of him! He did such a good job and really was able to reach
out to the girl he visited. To go through the week, on Monday we
received a call telling me I was go into be district leader and
training, and my companion, Elder Mortensen, was told that he was
going back to speaking Spanish and is now in Orem! Definitely a
surprise to him! Haha So on Tuesday we went out and did as much work
as we could together and got some lessons in that we're really good.
We had a great trainers meeting on Tuesday. The spirit was so strong.
I love President Killpack and his wife. They truly are so
inspirational and I have learned so much from them. Wednesday was
transfer day! So we packed up the car and headed down to the mission
office. We had the opportunity to have another trainers meeting. It
was again so good. I love the analogy of the Liahona with the spirit
and revelation. I know that the Holy Ghost can be like our Liahona. So
we entered into the transfer meeting and I found out that Elder
Russell was going to be my companion. It was awesome! We then went out
and did some work in the afternoon and tried to reach out to as many
people as possible. We had almost all our lessons drop through that
day though, so that was a little upsetting, but in the end the Lord
has a plan! So on Thursday we did a lot of contacting again, as well
as Friday. We had our District Meeting on Friday and that went pretty
good. I am super excited to be over this new District. They are such
good Elders and Sisters in the District and I'm really excited to be
working with them. On Saturday evening we had our first session of the
YSA Stake Conference. It was a really good session and I was able to
learn and apply some of those things that I needed to hear most.
Sunday morning we then had a leadership training as a Stake and we had
the opportunity to attend that. Talked a lot about he Sabbath Day
observance and how it can truly strengthen the spirit in our homes and
hearts as we observe the Sabbath. What a blessing that the Lord gave
us a day that we could truly be refreshed. We then had the afternoon
session of Stake Conference and we got to hear from President Killpack
and his wife, as well as the stake presidency. It was a really good
sessions n and again I received some really strengthening impressions
and ideas on how I can improve. I had the opportunity to fast as well,
and what joy and faith I have in the Law of the Fast. I know it works!
I have faith it does! I was able to fast for an investigator we were
teaching this week and it was such a wonderful opportunity. I fasted
that I would be able to teach all that this girl needed to hear. When
it came to the lesson we were able to share powerful testimony and I
know that I received strength from the Lord on what we should say. It
went really good and I am so blessed that the Lord provides. I am so
thankful for everything I have been able to receive because of the
mission. I love you all! Have a great week!!

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