Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Cardston Temple November 22 2014

Monday, 28 December 2015

Things are picking up! Dec. 14

Things here in this area are really picking up! This last week we were
able to double the lessons we had last week, and we were able to reach
out to a lot of people. Is was A really good week in the sense that we
were really able to help people feel the spirit. The quality of the
lessons that we shared with them, and the spirit that was felt, was so
amazing this week. It truly is been a really good week, and we are
looking forward to this upcoming week. Elder Russell is doing great!
He is learning fast, And has a lot of intelligence. He is also a
really good artist! He's super good at drawing, and has a real talent
for being able to reach out to people. I am super excited for the
Christmas season! This is most definitely my favorite time of year! I
love Christmas in the spirit of Christ that is felt. Hearts are
softened, and people are so willing to remember their Savior. I love
the Christmas season!One thing that I really love about the Christmas
season, is how close we are able to draw to one another as families.
The Christmas season truly does bring families closer together. That
is one thing that I most definitely miss being out here in the
mission, is being away from my family and the traditions that we have
on Christmas. But it is amazing because I get to help others to draw
closer as families through helping them know that they do have a
Savior. I know that the gospel truly does bring families closer
together, and the peace and joy and love that we feel during the
Christmas season, is all because Christ was born in Bethlehem. What a
magnificent time of year to celebrate the birth of Christ, and to
remember the spirit that he offers us each and every day. Again, I
love the Christmas season! I love the opportunity we all have to give
and to serve others. Let us all celebrate the one gift that was given
2000 years ago, the greatest gift of all, the gift of the Savior. I am
so excited for this upcoming week, and I know that the Lord is always
with us here in the work. This last week we so many miracles, we were
able to contact some people that we struggle to get in contact with
for a while now. I feel so blessed to be able to have the spirit with
me always. The spirit truly does guide and direct what I say according
to what the Lord wants me to say. I have found so much knowledge in
the past couple months from the Scriptures, as well as from the
Prophets. It truly is a blessing to know that the Lord gave his life
for us. To be able to know of a surety that Joseph Smith saw heavenly
father and Jesus Christ, and that he translated the Book of Mormon in
less than 65 days are truly miracles and is such a blessing to me to
know. I know that the Book of Mormon is a Book from God. I know that
through his prophets, he has taught us what we need to know in these
latter days. As we follow the council that we learn from the Bible
together with the Book of Mormon, we can know of the things that we
must do to live with our Heavenly Father again. I have found so much
peace and solace in the plan of salvation. I know that this is the
Lords plan for all of us here upon the earth. I know that exaltation
and eternal life is available to all of us who are willing to follow
the example of Jesus Christ. As we follow Christ's example, he is able
to help bridge that gap between us and our Father in Heaven. Through
his atoning sacrifice, we can all receive of his grace. The enabling
power that helps us to continually become. I thank you all for your
support and love, and I bless you all that during this Christmas
season, you may feel the fullness of the Spirit of Christ. Let us
follow Christ who has given us the path to Salvation. I love you all,
and hope you all have a wonderful week!

Elder Noad
Utah Orem Mission

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